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Online Texas Hold’em

Well, no need to particularly expand on Texas Hold’em’s popularity. We’ve all heard it many times: how poker was brought to the US by French colonialists and how it rose to prominence. These days, online Texas Hold’em is available to everyone – from rookies to pros. Whichever category you fall into, you are certain to improve your skills by practicing. Fortunately, the greatest benefit online casinos have to offer are free deposit bonuses. Today, anyone can play a risk-free Texas Hold’em game.

But, this is not the very reason why either of us is playing Texas Hold’em. Let us face it: we all dream about that epic win. More realistic players keep to safe strategies, gathering small amounts of money while practicing away. That is a good approach, but expert Texas Hold’em players are usually interested in bigger challenges. In view of that, there are two types of Texas Hold’em players: no-limit and low-limit ones. The first category includes Texas Hold’em experts, while the other one consists of game amateurs.

Texas Hold’em rules

As for Texas Hold’em game rules, they are similar to those of other poker games, although there are, naturally, several Texas Hold’em variants. Differences in variants usually address bet types, whereas gameplay rules are more or less the same. Basically, at the beginning of the game, you are given two cards – the so-called pocket cards. These should be matched with the remaining five community cards, dealt face up immediately afterwards. Player with the best hand consisting of pocket- and community cards wins. Simple, isn’t it? As for the actual betting, the first Texas Hold’em round ends with the small blind. The player posting the big blind raises or checks the wager, provided that the previous player has made a call.

One of the most important factors determining the winner is seat selection. Keep that in mind! Many inexperienced Texas Hold’em players easily overlook this aspect, but it may actually make a whole lot of difference later in the game.

Basically, you really wish to sit to the left of experienced and unpredictable Texas Hold’em players. These also include players exceeding in bluffing! Bluffing success rate increases over time, so don’t test your beginner’s luck in Texas Hold’em. For starters, it is enough to get to play before them.

Tips for beginners

Inexperienced Texas Hold’em players, unbelievably as it may sound, are by far more dangerous. These players are called ‘fish’ in Texas Hold’em terminology. But, why exactly are they deemed dangerous? Simply because they usually blunder due to insufficient knowledge and lack of strategy. Observing such players, if given the chance, is the key to capitalizing on their insecurities. E.g., if the raising phase is their weak spot, you will do best to sit on their left. If they are predictable and bad at bluffing, you will do best to sit on their right.

Play Free Texas Holdem recommended sites

All in all, you are guaranteed lots of fun and some spoils of victory while playing Texas Hold’em. To capitalize on the best free deposit bonuses out there, we at Play Free Texas Holdem have brought to you the finest selection of online casinos offering Texas Hold’em. Sign up and start winning now!